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Promotion or Tories Out?


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Yes, they absolutely should be doing that.
Withdrawing in Uxbridge would have no effect on her likelihood of power.
It'd have a huge effect if they intend to prop up the Tories again. I can see this happening as well, it's the ideal outcome for the establishment. 5 more years of neoliberalism, Corbyn gone and remain in the EU via second referendum.
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Don't forget the water cannons
Forgot about those.....25 year old when bought from the German Police despite having over 60 faults that needed repairing before they could be used and no licence for use in the UK anyway.
May refused to grant a licence too, despite Boris insisting that he would be able to procure one in the event of serious disorder it never happened......something else he has promised and failed to deliver.
Scrapped in Tuxford Nottinghamshire at a cost of over £300K to the taxpayer.
Boris claimed they were a great success as they saved over £2m on purchasing new.....even though new machines wouldn't have had a licence for use either.
I suppose we should be thankful for small mercies only £300k lost this time.


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Sound familiar to another head of state
Speaking of which, the similarities in time and language continue as the Trump impeachment gathers pace.

"Before the draft report was made public, House Republicans released their own 123-page report that condemned the "unelected bureaucrats" who testified, saying they "fundamentally disagreed with President Trump's style, world view and decisions".

The document accuses Democrats of "trying to undo the will of the American people" and argues that they have been trying to depose the president since his first day in office."

Unelected bureaucrats and the willofthepeople? This is what happens when you hang out with a farage and Johnson too much!

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I respect that. That's your choice. But I'm not hard left at all. I just would like properly funded services like our schools, NHS, social services members of my family work in those service's. And they're really struggling to carry out their jobs. And I just don't get that people are willing for the Tories to continue with their ideology policies.

Momentum was formed to combat the right wing media lies. I am a member & if I thought they were doing things hard left I would stop my subscription. But obviously socialist are angry the way the media have spread lies.

A few years ago I had a decent job, working all the hours I could. Then one day out of the blue I got ill & was diagnosed with numerous of illnesses. Anyway I lost my job because of my health. I'm now disabled & rely on my family to take care of me. I'm very lucky I have that support. I was also supported by the govt. But if I'd gotten ill now under the Tories a lot of that support as gone.

The media & the tories sold the lie regarding Labour causing the crash. They also told everyone that a lot of people claiming benefits were cheating the system. In fact the DWP own figures which show that benefit fraud accounts for just 0.7 per cent of the welfare budget.

Every day I beat myself up because I can't work. On the days I'm able to leave my house I'm scared to go out because I'm afraid of people judging me. Disabled people have been attacked in the streets. This is down to the media that has supported this nasty Tory govt.

What is so hard left about that?

Sorry about ranting but I'm not hard left.

In 2018/19 the DWP estimated £2.3 billion was lost from fraudulent overpayments of benefits. The figure has increased every year since 2013/14 (the last time it was estimated at £1.2 billion). That’s about 1.2% of all benefit spending, and just over half of all the money overpaid that year (£4.1 billion).


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What because I don't like the sound of Corbyns masterplan? You're a typical hard left fanboy. Anyone that doesnt agree with your thoughts is a right wing nutter.

As I have said (again) I am not a tory and won't be voting Labour. I will be using my vote, because people die for that privilege and so I won't ever disrespect that power. I will be casting my vote in the Green box.

I am getting bored of saying this to you because you clearly don't believe me. I am a life long Labour voter. I voted Labour in every single election for the last 30 years. Thats in council and general. I voted Labour in 2017 with Corbyn at the helm. The last 2 years have been an eye opener for me, and I won't vote for anything that involves Momentum, because frankly they're c*nts that have hijacked the party. Hopefully Corbyn loses and the part will get rid and reform and the members will tell their union secretary to pipe down.

I won't be repeating it, but my guess is you will still continue to think I am a tory, and I actually don't give a shit if you do. Its people like yourself that have driven working class to the right, with your bullshit.
I said that I believe you. You go on about the hard left & Momentum which I'm a member & i'm certainly not hard left.

I just care about others & having properly funded services. Instead of Tory donors & corporations getting benefits & tax cuts. So I'm a member of Momentum & you've called them c@nts. I thought it was supposed to be the hard left that kick off?

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In 2018/19 the DWP estimated £2.3 billion was lost from fraudulent overpayments of benefits. The figure has increased every year since 2013/14 (the last time it was estimated at £1.2 billion). That’s about 1.2% of all benefit spending, and just over half of all the money overpaid that year (£4.1 billion).
And yet anywhere between 4 and 10 billion is unclaimed, often leaving the most vulnerable in poverty. Elderly are especially susceptible here, think of all those who die from the cold...

Tax avoidance and fraud on the other hand costs us 15x as much as benefit fraud as estimated by HMRC - some organisations put that figure far higher, up to 150m per annum.

But sure, let's focus on the poor folk rather than the wealthy.


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Who's paying for Ian Austin's anti-Corbyn outbursts?
No surprises...

Ian Austin left the Labour Party in February 2019, just before he was about to be deselected by his local Labour Party branch for disloyalty to Jeremy Corbyn.

He left the Labour Party at the same time the ‘independent group, later to be called ‘Change UK’, was formed, a political party which was funded to the tune of £1.5 Million by Israeli lobbyist David Garrard.

In July 2019, he was appointed Prime Ministerial Trade Envoy to Israel by Theresa May.

Unwanted by the Lib Dem's, he will not be standing for parliament again, and has launched an attack on Jeremy Corbyn, advising voters to vote for the Conservatives.

The long-standing critic of Jeremy Corbyn, who swore at and heckled the leader during his public apology to the people of Iraq for the 2003 invasion of the country, claimed there was a “culture” of anti-semitism in Labour.

In February 2019 the then Prime Minister Theresa May approved Austin's appointment as her trade envoy to Israel.

The decision was announced by then trade minister Liam Fox who described it as an “unpaid and voluntary” role to “support the UK’s ambitious trade and investment agenda in global markets.”

Mr Austin told the Jewish News: “Trade with Israel is worth billions to Britain, it has resulted in investment and jobs in businesses across the UK.

“I’m looking forward to working with the Department for Trade and the brilliant team at our embassy in Israel who are working so hard to help British companies win business in Israel and strengthen the trading relationship between the two countries.”

Although Mr Austin has quit Labour, he remains listed as a parliamentary supporter of Labour Friends of Israel on the group’s website.

The group congratulated him on Twitter and said: “We look forward to working with you to further boost the record levels of trade and collaboration between the UK and Israel.”

The government has approved arms export licenses worth £329 million to Israel since January 2016, making it one of the top 10 customers for British weaponry.

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