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Sorry mate, I can't recall what it was for either! LOL! I'll hav eto go back and dig about and see what I can find..

Christ, my memory is bad enough now let alone going back a year!!

Hope all is well with you - post more!!


Can’t see us getting anything off you on Saturday, whilst I hate to admit it, you are a much stronger outfit at the moment.
Apparently you are following me.....!
Not sure if that's good or slightly concerning....? 😂
I didn't know I was ... so I'm not any more. 😉
No offence like ...
I also remember playing against you at The Colliers in the Orrell Quiz League but just the once I think ? …I’ve been playing in that for 30 odd years until COVID killed the last two seasons. I could be wrong here but I THINK your Mrs used to sometimes catch the Pem or Abbey Lakes bus home from school ….I might be on the wrong track here but maybe she lived Newton or Pem way ??