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Hi Peta, if Ian does not post a prediction for the next few games please let me known and I will do it for him. I know him well as severing in the Corps in the Army and both being Imps supporters.
Just sent the same message to that harold or what ever his name is This is a football fans forum were fans can say what ever they like within reason you might not like what i say And i might not like what you say But having my seat number put out on here is not the correct thing to do and would ask you to remove your post
exiled tic
i did not say your number ,i asked if that was you,you said no which i accepted,then Harold mentioned your seat number
you posted my seat number on here and my grandsons and i have asked you to remove it
exiled tic
No i did not,read the posts again,i shall delete the post i made but you will find i did not post what you said,