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Hi Carerkate.

Regarding a copy of the GillinghamLegends book. I am going to be purchasing a copy. But instead of having it sent all the way to Brisbane Australia, I’d love to give my copy to Gimmer.

I think I’d just need postal address details for either yourself or Gimmer to put on the order. If that’s fine by you, just let me know by return message.

Thanks. OSK (baz)
Hi Davey. Wonder if you can help me here.

I’d like to pay for one of your sons books. But instead of posting it to Brisbane I’m wondering if it can be sent/donated to Gimmer that carerkate looks after (see her message on your thread).

I can pay for it on the website you linked. Is it then just a case of putting Gimmer or Kates address details on there for posting?

Thanks in advance.