We are sorry you feel the need to make a complaint about a libellous assertion concerning yourself on our network.

In order for us to expediently and comprehensively deal with your complaint, can you please email Vital HQ directly on the following address 'libel@'.

In order for us to comply with our legal obligations in this matter will you please ensure that your complaint contains the following information:

You full name and working email address.

The full URL of the submission to which you wish to complain, as well as any subsequent URLs where the offending claim has been made also.

The exact wording of the submission you are complaining about.

Your full reasons as to why you believe this submission is defamatory, and the meaning that you believe the site member in question wishes to convey by their submission. Please also include details of which elements of the submission are factually inaccurate or alternatively which elements of opinion cannot be qualified by fact.

Also confirm that you, as the complainant, do not have the necessary details required to contact the site member directly and more importantly, raise your complaint with them on a personal basis and if needed commence legal proceedings over the submission you wish to complain about.

Finally, please give Vital Network permission or not, to inform the site member who made the submission of which you have complained about, your name and email address so they may be able to contact you directly. Should you not give permission, your details will be withheld.

NB - please note.

The above requests are mandatory questions you need to answer as a complainant and should you not provide those details Vital Network are under no obligation to progress your complaint.

It is in your best interests should you feel you have been defamed, to answer the mandatory questions as fully and completely as you can, and if needed, seek independent legal advice prior to contacting us - however via the use of the associated guides, it is hoped you will not need to in order to formulate your complaint.

We will obviously do all we can to help and aid your concerns, but we cannot provide advice at any stage when complying with our legal obligations and unless you fully answer the mandatory questions your complaint will not be actioned.

For companies who wish to complain, you must also show serious financial loss in your explanations.


Please also note - when receiving your complaint and with respect to the complainant and site member who provided the submission, Vital Network retains the right to remove the submission based on the user Terms and Conditions without judgement as to whether the submission is contrary on a legal front.

Should we have removed the submission on the basis of our T&C's both the site member and the complainant will be informed of that fact during contact, and it will not stand in the way of their own dialogue or ours, nor be a judgement on whether or not such a submission could be considered libellous and where appropriate the site member can repeat the part of the submission complained about subject to it being within the terms and conditions of the network and it will, for the complainant, be considered as part of the same complaint for these purposes.

Please see the associated Frequently Asked Questions for our obligations.