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The All New Takeover Thread


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It will be interesting to see if the new owners will employ a Director of Football and if so who will it be?
The obvious choices are older ex-villans but, are any of them well enough known and respected in the wider game.
Peter Withe is well known in the East, after his time in Thailand but, I don't think he is well enough known in the European game.
One who would fit the bill ideally is Arsene Wenger but, having turned down offers for the same position at Arsenal and PSG, I doubt he would be receptive to any such offer.


The Shackles Are Off!
The official statement appears to be measured and sensible. I just hope things stay that way. It’s our job as fans to come up with the outlandish predictions and the media’s job to exacerbate the hysteria... :eek!::eek!::eek!:

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Agree with my knowledgeable friend Steve Gough, that Steve Stride should be approached IMMEDIATELY to take a ‘hands on’ role at the club to steer us out out of the troubled waters into, hopefully, a clear and prosperous future.
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Those who know me on here know I'm a proper miserable bastard most of the time (DeanoVilla) :lol:
However, I will actually be honest and say I'm over the moon with todays news. Two billionaires and I would hazard a guess that this Egyptian lot are in the stratosphere when it comes to financial clout. Will enjoy stopping off at the pub to give a couple of Chelsea friends this information :grinning: