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The Play-Offs 2020

Who's going up?

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Brentford manager is pretty cool, but who the fuck is he, and where did he come from. I can’t be arsed to look.
Thomas Frank. He's Danish, and had an awful start to his Brentford career but they stuck with him. Interestingly his previous job was at Brondby and he resigned after he found out that his chairman was creating accounts on a forum to criticise him...


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No Mitrovic for Fulham. Was it expected he would not play?

Oh, and no Adomah for Cardiff. You can see Harris munching on sour grapes on the sideline
Fulham have got the job done without Mitrovic when he was missing due to injury or suspension this season. Best striker in the division, IMO.

I strongly fancy Fulham to beat Brentford in the final. Should be a good game of football.