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Summer 2018 Transfers


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Great article Tuckster and I agree 100% with all you've said. Rhodes is as good as we could have hoped for. We all wanted someone proven at this level and as you say, you won't find anyone more proven for this price range than Rhodes. I hope we have an option to buy should it work out well.

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Almost every player we sign is ‘not ready’ . If a man of 20 that we have signed is not ready to play in the Championship then it must be a League for old men


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I agree with YB. Norwich remind me of the LTA. British tennis players never seem to be ready and even at 22/23 they are still 'young and developing'.

Phillips would be playing for a lot of the championship sides.


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DF on Oli:

'I can’t predict anything. I am not a magician. I can not see into the future, but a player like Nelson with quality and potential, it is quite normal he will be linked with other clubs. We will just see what happens. We had several players who have not been involved so far either because they have some injury problems or like Nelson, they arrived a little bit late. He was nearly one week late. We have many strikers for this moment in pre-season and we want to focus on introducing players like Jordan Rhodes and Teemu Pukki. For us, it is also important to give these guys minutes on the pitch.'

More focus on new players, we have a lot of players in oli's position and it is important to give games to new players - sounds ominous for Mr Oliveira.

'You can’t have enough quality strikers on this level. If you look at Lincoln we started with two strikers and brought the third one on. I am not too concerned to have too much quality in this area.'

All last season we were saying we need more than two forwards and it sounded like we didn't as we only play one up top and now it is the other way round.

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He hasn’t travelled to Germany with the squad , so it must be the end of his Norwich career . I don’t think DF ever forgave him for the infamous Fulham outburst

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Villa in trouble through ambition.
Norwich in less trouble through board having no ambition.
What do you think has motivated the following sales:

Johnson £7m
Grabban £6m
Redmond £10m
Brady £13m
Olsen £4m
Jacob Murphy £10m + £2m
Howson £6m
Pritchard £11m
Maddison £22m + £2m
Joshua Murphy £11m + ?

£100m + Watkins, Canos, Gunn %, etc.

Not much of that has gone back into the team.

During that period we were in the Prem for one season and receiving parachute receipts during the other three.
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