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Other Clubs News Discussion Thread 2

I see Reading have sacked Paul Clement.


Now, I wonder who'll be mentioned for that vacancy?...... :hmmm:
God help them IF true and they will soon tire of all his well-used cliches and excuses while boring the Reading fans to death with his idea of football.

This merry-go-round of washed up managers and their assistants is nauseating- Anyway, for the way, he actually left us defensively he doesn't deserve another managers job.
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I thought he would be put out to pasture as a cliche mouthed pundit
I do think the management game has beaten him, and he’d be more suited to the BT sport couch with some of the most intelligent names in football such as Chris Sutton, Robbie Savage and Michael Owen.

That said, Reading is more his level and ability. He’ll probably do an alright job there for two years if he gets it.
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Reading obviously harbour promotion ambitions if they are looking to employ promotion specialist Steve Bruce. Who would do a better job? Who else could get them to roll up their sleeves and pull on their boots?
Do I detect some resentment towards our erstwhile boss JPA. Just inhale, hold it in and breathe. Time to let go the past and get excited about the next installment of Smithball. It's brand new, exciting and bound to put a smile back on your face - you may experience some minor pain around the cheeks as you haven't exercised those muscles much over the last 10yrs or so.