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Match Thread: Oldham Athletic v Lincoln City


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Oldham nearly nicked it with 10 men.

Not good enough Danny and Nicky. You've got some serious head scratching to do.

One win in six league quite frankly poor.

I just hope this is not another 89/90 and 06/07....when blistering starts ended up with us being found out.

The Imposter

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Continuity is okay, sticking the same XI out every game, but there comes a time when you have to stop being loyal to an underperforming minority and make changes. One win in six now and the chasing pack will soon catch us at this rate.

German Imp

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Lacking ideas I’m afraid. Although the throw in’s have improved, quicker and finding an Imp, apart from that not much to write home about.


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Oldham should have scored. This is poor.

Another dreadful set-piece leads to the counter.
The set pieces are pathetic, they spend all this time on, you'd never flipping guess they're awful.
Most of the time it would be quicker just let the opposition restart the game.
So frustrating as port Vale it's been rare we score from them.


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Looked poor: dreadful set plays, lack of commitment, cannot seem to score. Their ten men put in a real shift.

Need, some changes, the opposition have worked us out: draw us forward and attack quickly on the counter.