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Euros 20/21 Thread

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An enjoyable intense game with plenty of skill on show. France contained Germany throughout the game and look like they could raise their game if needed.


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Who was that German defender chugging along after Mbappe. Fair play, he managed to somehow get back for a tackle when Mbappe stopped for a milky brew while he decided which side of the goal he was going to put it.


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From an England perspective, I know which of those two I'd prefer to face in the last 16. Germany huffed and puffed in the 2nd half but set pieces and final balls were really poor, France always looked like they could go up a gear if they wanted.

But Portugal will probably also finish above Germany based on today's matches.

Worth noting where Pogba was able to play much of tonight, compared with Modric on Sunday. Rice did a job, didnt he?


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So all teams have played now and no one team who you'd consider as contenders really looking head and shoulders above the others.
Tournament simmering along without really igniting yet. Other than probably the 2nd half of the Holland-Ukraine game, matches have on the whole been interesting without being exciting. Hopefully with some teams facing elimination if they don't win their next games we could get some more excitement.


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Have to say I support any of the home nations and want to see them do well in such international competitions, unless they are playing England, of course.

You'll be hard pushed to find any fans of Scotland and Wales that would want England to do well. In fact they often actively celebrate us losing. I am purely returning the favour.

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15 minutes of scrappy back and forth followed by France stepping on the gas a bit and getting on top but only creating one clear cut opening. Germany with only 1 bit of play that could remotely be called a chance which Gundogan screwed wide in a manner which would have received scathing derision had he been English for bottling it...
That, or 2 decent sides cancelling each other out .... very watchable, Pogba again showing what a good player he is when he doesn't pull on that red shirt :grinning:
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