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Aston Villa v Brighton Match Thread - Sat 20th Nov - 3pm


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Bloody hell this has been a long two weeks. Had just arrived in Southampton two weeks ago which seems like an eternity! Change in coaching staff, players available or unavailable aside we really have to stop the rot tomorrow. Three points please. Losing six on the spin really is unthinkable. The players should be lifted by the support they’re going to get. The new arrival of SG will inevitably lead to a cracking atmosphere…just need the eleven on the pitch to stand up and be counted! COYVB……..:utv::utv::utv::utv:
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I try not to buy anything French it's about time Villa followed my lead, anyone who has ever had to work on a Renault will understand
I've done my back in sitting down. That said, I'm a middle-aged plonker, not a professional footballer. Perhaps he's made of glass?
I did my back from the seats in a hired Renault 18 estate. The seats only supported the lower half of the back. Agony. Sitting can be dangerous. Perhaps Sanson was sitting.

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It will take time for SG and his coaching assistants to install what they want and expect from the squad so 3 points are more important than the performance tomorrow against a tidy but beatable team.

Good luck and please give a roar from me when the team kick-off.:utv::utv:



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I’ve just come into the thread to spread the news that I’ve read, that Sanson has injured himself whilst on holiday but it seems that it’s already spread.

That’s the sign of a player who wants out. Fucking clown getting injured every 5 minutes, he has more holidays than the queen and injuries than I’ve had hot dinners.

This is more than injuries, it’s attitude, psychological and perhaps a sign of being unsettled. Fuck him off I can’t keep defending him
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