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20211125 ECL Match Thread - NS Mura vs Tottenham Hotspur


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Dumbstruck. It's looking certain that those players that are shipped on will at least be given the rope to hang themselves with.

A few in the squad hopefully could play themselves back in favour, maybe Dier, Davies or Winks amongst others. But Dele, Doc, Sanchez, Golini, Moura, Ndombele etc, might actually spend the next six weeks lumbering from one insepid performance to the next.

At least Conte and Pat will have no.doubts to which players they cannot work with and who needs replacing.
Too dreadful for words up until the changes.

We should have still won this even with 10 men as we dominated after the changes, but the ref aided and abetted them and was complicit in their win.

That said playing Sanchez on the left of a three was a suicidal pick - I'm putting that down to Conte not knowing how weak he is on his left.

Goodnight all, I'm already receiving pelters from other clubs fans., I am going to hide in a bottle.


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Whilst the ref was appalling. we were terrible as well as I have said before the whole team needs a complete rebuild to many wasted windows never really improving , cutting corners saving money being so called clever. A long way to go to sort this out, could be another 5 year project.
Yep exactly....said that about a year ago...and here we still are...
Harry was our best amongst a bad team. I posed the question earlier about whether the ref wa inept or bent, When their C/F took out Saanchez with no questions asked and it was an assault we all knew then. Sanchez is class he needs a run. Ali Son gone. Skippy was class.

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I won't miss the refs in the ECL once we finally bow out. As bad as I've seen, and that is saying something.
I’ve said as much after every game , third rate competition , third rate teams ( including us ) third rate refs .
How many teams have we seen here, they are just content to kick shit out of us .
Even with a crap ref , they had seven players cautioned as to their future conduct .

Then ,,Sess gets sent off …. Not that he didn’t deserve a yellow for his first foul , but his second wasn’t even a foul .

The yellow card fiasco has lost all if it’s meaning .
It used to mean that a player would incur the wrath of the referee for whatever reason , and he would be CAUTIONED BY THE REFEREE as to his future conduct .

That has been forgotten about . The ref just casually waves a yellow card , doesn’t reprimand the player , doesn’t tell him what he is doing wrong , doesn’t say anything to the offending player ,,,,,,, and worst of all , for a caution ,,the player doesn’t incur any punishment.
The poor sod on Hackney Marshes gets a twenty pound fine and if he doesn’t pay it , gets banned from playing .
I’m on a rant again
Hopefully Conte lives up to his reputation and decimates this squad over the coming months. Whether he'll be up for it remains to be seen, he's never been surrounded by so much mediocrity before. Again a perfect example of the lunacy that has dominated our signings since the CL final. Ndombele, Doherty, Sessegnon, Gil, how come these players are getting to wear a Spurs shirt.
As for Dele, hopefully for everybody's sake, including his own, this was his last appearance for Spurs. He has become an embarrassment.