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William and Kate baby news


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I am bored now of waiting for the baby news of whether we will have a future King or Queen..

So to relieve the boredom as I know we have some royalists and some not so, any thoughts on the gender and names etc. whilst we await the news from Buckingham Palace of the next generation Villa fan

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SKEGGY - 15/7/2013 06:41

Girl it'll be called Victoria Elizabeth Diana Alice

Boy it'll be called George Phillip Charles Louis
That's a whole lot of names Skeggy. You should put a bet on it


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Still no news: Mind you I wouldn't want to be 1 of those reporters stuck outside the hospital where she is to give birth. I mean as if she is going to go in by the main entrance.


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If it's a boy it will be sent to Public School where it will be forced to take part in the following:

1. Hide and Seek. The boys all have to put their pyjama bottoms on back to front and cower in the cupboard, praying that the Games Master doesn't choose them for some extra tuition in 'manly hygiene'.

2. Beating the new boy. The newest member of the house runs the gauntlet, scampering naked between two lines of boys who each swipe at him with whatever comes to hand (comic book, bar-of-soap-in-a-towel, genitalia).

3. The inheritance game. Each boy writes down how much he is actually worth. Categories include:

a. Land. Double points if it is in Scotland, triple points if it IS Scotland.
b. Industrial stuff (factories, mills etc). Minus points if he owns a coal-mine in 'the north', quadruple points if he owns a natural gas reserve in the Ukraine.
c. People ('ownership of' not 'friends with').
d. Influence. When they watch an uprising on telly (eg Syria), is their initial reaction to say: "I say, uncle Crispin and his chums have been busy."

4. The 'pretending to be normal' game. The boys attempt behaviours synonymous with people of a lower social status such as:

a. Supporting a football team.
b. Affecting a regional/colonial accent.
c. Having crockery that is too thick.
d. Saying 'excuse me' instead of 'you there'.
e. Pretending to like Andy Murray.
f. Being nice to women.

He will also have to make friends with:

Tarquin Henley-Regatta
Peterkin Swot-Tory
Charles 'Charlie' Charles
Humphreygard 'Soggy' Biscuit
Prince Zum-bu-lele of the People's Democratic Republic of Zaire (phh, new money).

Well, probably. It's a good rumour to start...

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
It's on the Internet now gazgecko, so must be true.

As for the rest. I hope it is happy and healthy and apart from that, I could not give a stuff. I hope they all go away after Queenie goes.



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Wish them and the bab all the best- that's just natural.

But in terms of blanket coverage and bullshit we'll get in the papers and the news, I couldn't give a toss, and respectfully suggest we wouldn't have the news coverage had she given a toss in the first place instead of letting him put his royal winkey in her kitchen sinkey.

Leave them to it, just let us know mum and bab are healthy, that's enough and that's the only coverage 'any' celebrity kids should get really


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That won't happen JF. The royals survived only because of William & Harry. Without them no way we would still have a monarchy.

Had to laugh at a newsfeed I seen that said 'getting worried about all these journalists parked up outside the hospital. Have they all been made homeless! '
So nice of you to have a thread about our children.

The baby news was that Katie was born in August 1996 and William was born in October 1999.

I am so touched you all care .


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I'm really excited about the royal baby. I'm not sure if I'll be hosting the party this time, (i did the jubilee) or attending one, but we've got some champers nevertheless. I'm looking forward to the traditional showing on the steps to the hospital and seeing the heir to the throne for the first time.


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Glad I am not on my own Jim. I just popped on sky news and thought ooh breaking news and a picture of a hospital.

It was a picture of a hospital with the title of how many are dieing a year because of practices of cash before care.

Oh well! No news tonight then. Keep the champers on ice Jim


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The Fear - 16/7/2013 20:21

Rapists, murderers and nut jobs.

Ahhh, the true blue bloodline.
What? You're shitting me?!!!

and to think sirdennis doesnt live that far from me, and runs around the neighbourhood!

That's the last time I go walking along the canal towpath!