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William and Kate baby news


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BodyButter - 24/7/2013 13:25

kefkat - 24/7/2013 20:15

I expect William has practiced the run around to the car with the car seat etc. many times before last night just to be on the safe side.

Love this picture so had to add! Gazing adoringly at his son yet the look seems to be also thinking of his Mom
Exactly, he looks to me like he's thinking 'I hope you don't end up mashed into a wall in Paris because you were pissed chasing cock.'

I've just seen this had to lol and pmsl and the like


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I know nothing of the royals really.Just wondered why Diana was an awful person ?
Not loaded question.As i say, i know nothing about them.Just little snippets on the news is all i hear about them,which is usually praising them all.