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William and Kate baby news


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OMG yes doesn't it just Jim. I wonder if the woman on the zimmer frame has just given birth Ha.

I would be very surprised if they haven't got another hidden entrance for Kate and William


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As pinched from Twitter:

Royal Baby false alarm: Prince William seen triumphantly punching the air at St Mary's hospital. Turns out he heard about Benteke new contract


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Woo woo Kate is finally in labour. Glad for her especially as all pregnant Mom's know how horrible it is carrying in the weather we have been having.

Certainly all very different from 31 years ago when Diana was expecting William with all the technology access now.

Oh and for all other Mom's going into labour today good luck and best wishes


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I hope it's healthy and the labour is as easy as possible for all concerned. I'm sure it will make as great a monarch as its great grandmother, and as its grandfather and father will.


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Royal Baby trivia: until 1936 Home Secretary was required to attend royal births, supposedly to attest an actual birth took place.


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More royal baby Trivia:

The birth of a royal baby now is a lot more private than it used to be. "Up until 1936, a Cabinet minister would be there to check that all was above board. In the 17th century there was talk of what is known as the 'warming-pan scandal' - that a baby was smuggled in to replace a female daughter that was born, and so it was needs to be seen to be legitimate, all above board ...


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And some more:

If the Queen lives as long as her mother she could be on the throne until 2027, Charles might be 80 when he inherits the throne, so we could be looking at this child not inheriting the throne until the first part of the 22nd century


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This is something that would have been unthinkable when the last granddaughter-in-law of a reigning queen to give birth to a future monarch did so in the 1890's

In centuries past the nation would not have been told a royal had gone into labour


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Queenie should abdicate immediately (her flash of underwear during her freefall with Bond during the Olympic opening ceremony was very un-ladylike).

Charlie should be enthroned for a fortbnight before passing on to Billy Boy just in time for the start of the new season.

He can be guest of honour at our first home game and can pass the nipper to the wining captain (Vlaar), like a kind of squiggly, wriggly trophy.

And then we'll win the league because we'll have the backing of the Gotha-Saxe-Coburg dynasty.


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It would make a lovely change if they went for a modern name however I doubt they will

Hmm King Darrell doesn't sound bad Ha


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Adults are such children who are these silly fuckers outside waiting for the news? seriously?

Its one thing to wait for Djemba Djemba autograph outside VP its another to be waiting on the news of some baby you'll never know or meet...