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What are you cooking during lockdown?

Rob the Imp

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True. I did a big batch of veg soup a year or so ago, which mostly consisted of cabbage and some other greens plus potato. Thought it'd be more interesting if I put a bird's eye chilli or two on whilst it cooked, which I then fished out at the end. Apparently it was not dilute enough despite hardly using any...it turned out red hot. Still ate it all though!


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Didn't cook last night, we got pizza in as a surprise! Probably be eating that for most of today too.
We got lazy too. We had covid and chips - sorry! cod and chips. I joke with the Mrs that folks don't seem to have quite got the hang of social distancing around here. :lol:

Rob the Imp

Vital Football Hero
That also sounds excellent! We had a very boring dinner of steamed veg last night, plus I had a couple of sausages. Must do better tonight! (Although the mrs-to-be did decline all offers of something interesting and specifically requested "lots of steamed vegetables", so I'm it taking the blame for it being dull!)

Rob the Imp

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Didn't cook last night, went to our local reopened chippy, now complete with big protective screens! Still got some fish and chips left over for lunch today.

Rob the Imp

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We had baked orzo puttanesca, a dish from Napoli. It's a sort of tuna and tomato baked pasta risotto with lemon, capers, black olives and fresh basil. Very tasty indeed.

The etymology of "puttanesca" is mildly shocking.
That sounds tasty. Dare I look that up or should I wait until after dark?


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last night`s dinner in Chateau Brayford .......(.name of the village i live in part of the time but very handy during lockdown) was 2 small lobsters and a cock crab with salad and potatoes ,washed down with a bottle of cava and a bottle of crozes hermitage(yann Chave 2016).. finished off with a cheeseboard(jarlsberg,Boursin.Gruyere)..........diet going well,who gives a .uck.
.........no room for the strawberries in brandy!

Fish picked up the previous day from my mate in Ilfracombe who has a family trawler and small boat for picking up strings of pots.

because i live a distance from nearest shops(6 miles) both my freezers are jammed full with local meats etc.....my motto for all things is plan ahead
(not like these poxy governments who couldn`t even order a face mask)

plus i have 2 fridges 1 for food and 1 for alcohol storage.
keep safe and keep drinking!