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Villa v Fulham - Wembley

Melon Donkey

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We are DEFINATELY going back to our Pre Liverpool routine.

Stop overnight at my dads in Gloucestershire, leave early, stop Witney on Thames for a Wethies Breakfast (yes, there is a Wetherspoons in Witney !) , park at Rayners Lane, tube down to Wembley, pre match drinks (although I will probably be the driver so I will be on Coke) in the club we went to for that game - St Pats Club (gonna call them tomorrow and see if we put our , names down on the door) up Wembley Way at 3.30 - in my seat for 4.30 - and soak it up.

And I don't give a toss whether it is 30 degrees , I am wearing all my lucky stuff I have wore all year- including my 90's Reebok fleece which is hotter than the sun ! (on that subject - you owe it all to me, I got rid of everything I own with the current badge and bought all retro gear - and since then, we have hardly lost)

It worked then.....................

Pmsl HL. You are cracking me up tonight. I know Witney very well and i have never ever heard it referred to as Witney on thames !. I will update the people i know living there.


One Bloody Number
Crowd Flags and Musical Instruments –

Any supporters wishing to take flags or musical instruments to Wembley Stadium must obtain permission. Please contact Wembley Stadium to request permission. Anyone wishing to gain entry to Wembley Stadium carrying flags or musical instruments without prior permission will not be permitted to enter with them.
I've just e-mailed them to see if I can take this in with me.

Another clean sheet and we are back in the PL. The Boro keeper made three excellent saves over the two games and if they go in then it would have been a stroll. How he kept out Grabban's effort is beyond me. We have the firepower to score and as long as McCafu keeps the media darling quiet and JT and Chester do the same with Mitrovic we will be fine. Jedi will be his usual composed self and Jack will torment them. They should look at what they are facing and be worried. It is only the hockey press that are bigging them up.
Was speaking to the brother of the club doctor today and he says that SB is driving him hard to have everyone in top shape for next weekend.
We'll be ready for them and whilst I won't make a prediction, a clean sheet will do us fine.


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I'm sure it's already been said, but I fancy us in front of 90,000 people. They're aren't many in the Fulham side that have played a crucial game in front of a crowd like that, if any.

Big game nerves will decide this game.


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Just checked Fulham site as they send me emails quite a bit, as a supporter with a booking history as of Sunday 10 am I can purchase up to 5 tickets. The upper tier is being sold last after lower tiers have sold out. Have a feeling we could end up with a fair few in the opposite end.


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I am going to be totally philisophical here.

Of course I want us to win, of course I want us to go up, Of course I am hoping next Saturday is probably the greatest day in my kids (18 and 19) lives - and of course I cannot wait for what I was hopng for last night - 40000 Villa fans, 25 Villa players , the management team, the owner and hopefully the future King of England belting out Don't Look Back In Anger at 7pm

But if it doesn't happen ?

Well, yes, I will be totally gutted on the journey home, yes, I will be in a bad mood for about a week, and yes, I I will be on here grumbling and worrying until the World Cup starts.

But do you know what, win lose or draw (well you cant do that) , I know one thing, I, and everyone I know, have enjoyed this season more than any season probably since Gregory was here - its been utterly brilliant. It summed it up when I went skiing in Feb, and my daughter who is in Cardiff Uni came up on her own and when I said I didn't think she would, she said "I have never enjoyed it so much, I don't want to miss a game"

So, if we stay down, C'est La Vie - yes, we will lose Terry, Hutton and a few others, but we will get to see OHare, Clark and others and I know this, come August, whether it is Man City, or Rotherham, I will be watching the Villa with my enthusiasm back for the first time in 13 years

So, lets win it, but if we don't, we should all just rejoice in the fact that after some of the darkest days in our history - we have our club back - and it is now just a matter of time
Shameless stolen for the FP - why?

Because I can!