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The last REALLY Interesting Thread under Lambert


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DeanoVilla - 16/6/2014 23:26

I would love it... if she got her waps out.
Deano, mate, there is this thing called the internet. It's kinda new but basically you get a computer and plug it into the phone and you can see sooo many pictures of women's tits that you won't be able to go to work for a week.

Either that or ask Natelie to show you hers. Skeggy told me that she showed him but I don't believe him.

Cheshire Villan

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Morning all. A joyous 3 days awaits as I man the stand at the Safety & Health Expo at the ExCel. Bliss. Last night wasn't bad. We caught the cable car over to the O2 and went to the Gaucho Grill. Couple of Margaritas and a nice bit of meat. The cable car had stopped by the time we got out! Taxi!


One Bloody Number
There's nothing quite like a nice cup of tea in the morning.

Well, actually, I suppose a nice cup of coffee in the morning is quite like a nice cup of tea in the morning.


There's nothing exactly like a nice cup of tea in the morning.


Good mooning all, was going to say what a gay day with good intentions but there is far too many with sexually orientated minds for this so i sahll refrain from doing so.

The Fear

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My cleaner is .. this morning.

I've been out, I'm not back in #exciting

I don't know what I'm having for my lunch.

I do know what I',m having for my tea though.

I shall be training my chest today... sweat will be involved.


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I lasted a whole 30 seconds of my lunch break before telling a member of our team to feck off. We have to sit and listen to customers moaning all day, last thing I wanna hear is someone moaning on my lunch break. I walked out, and as I write this I've been called into the managers office for a chat......... The f-ing bint and complained about me

Oh good afternoon all