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The last REALLY Interesting Thread under Lambert



sirdennis - 17/6/2014 19:50

ClivetheVillan - 17/6/2014 14:40

Sir Den dude you am safe keep doing these bloody 10 mile runs ay ya? I mean it sounds a bloody lot to me to keep doing it, make sure yo ay pushing it too much, been thinking this when you put up how long you run, yo be careful yo ay pushing yourself too far, (i have my worry head on today)
Thanks for the concern Clive. 10 miles done nice and easy pace didn't go mad.
Ok i will let you off then :17: nice to know you am comfortable doing it and not over doing it dude you fit bugger you :35:
The Fear - 17/6/2014 20:12

Cooled down a bit for it as well sirdennis.

Do you do anything nutrition wise to replenish your body?

Well I make sure I drink plenty of water as I do sweat a lot so I seem to need a fair bit .I usually have an isotonic drink whilst running and it I am doing a really long run will have a gel as well.

After the run I will have a small snack like a sandwich or something then when my body has calmed down will make sure I have a decent meal. That seems to do the trick.