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Sheff Utd v Aston Villa Match Thread - Wed 3 March @ 6pm - BT


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This is why everyone thinks we've no Plan B because sometimes you do just have to change the shape and again we didnt. I thought Barkley gave us a tiny but more but taking off Traore and sticking Watkins out on the wing made us worse. Elmo, Sanson and Watkins had no ideas between them and it was almost as bad on the other side.
I have no idea why 4-3-3 managers (I know we don’t play 4-3-3 as such) refuse to ever stick two up top.

We should’ve had three up front at the end, two in defence with a deep lieing midfielder and the other four working to get the ball in the box but from deep crosses.


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We play Nakamba against Leeds because they’re one of the quickest attacking teams in the league, we then play the bottom team with the fewest goals in the league, and he fucking leaves it the same, and even at half-time he does fuck all, they then go down to 10 menand he does fuck all for 10 mins....Aarrrgghhh, fucking clueless Smith.

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What a load of rubbish.

Wasteful, final ball anywhere in the United half was misplaced, and don't talk to me about crossing the ball into the box. And when we do actually get a cross over we have 1 lone striker normally marked by a couple of giants and he's expected to win.

I bet Sheffield United would love to play us every week because everyone else exposes how shit they actually are.

As professional footballers, they should be ashamed but you know they won't be as they seem to be able to get away with lots of poor performances like that of late.

It's about time Dean Smith and his many assistants start earning their big wages again because it's all gone flat from the players who look like they don't give a f**k.
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Barkley is a big worry to me. Doesn't look up to the task.
The good news is we didn’t spend £40m on him over the winter so he can fuck back off to where he came from and feature for Chelski in the league cup next season a couple of times a season.

I thought he tried a bit but it was very disjointed with him and Sanson when they came on. Didn’t feel like much cohesion between anyone, we looked like a team of lots of individuals again without that one individual who could make the difference