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Preferred Bidder can be named today


Vital Reserves Team
Getting that way myself being honest
I’ve not given up but I think it’s looking more unlikely each day that anything will happen. I think we’ll pay all our debts off then eventually go out of business. The upcoming season will be very painful and to be honest unless fans can start attending games it seems a bit pointless. As a few have said, if there’s no Latics then there’s no football. It’s a disgrace what has been allowed to happen to our club.


Vital Squad Member
We now have one recognised striker left and are selling off most of our prize assets for peanuts. Must admit I am losing faith with the entire process and I fear what sort of team will be left when the season starts, if we still actually have a club at that stage. What an appalling situation which I did not imagine in my wildest nightmares we would be in just a few months ago