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I knew the Cods form was not great, however I did not realise how bad it really was - just two solitary points in 9 games! Thier last point was 4 games back at home against fellow strugglers Southend. They have enough of the season left to salvage something, but time is starting to ebb away for them.

The mammoth thread on the Fishy about the NL going bump, brings a new defination to terms illogical and nettle grasping.
With regard to National League situation, think only Dover are holding out against league continuing (although several others voted to abandon season too). Dover though, being rock bottom, may well have ulterior motives as only an abandonment can save them.
And with no relegation/promotion between next tiers down, they may also be immune from being chucked out altogether. Anyway, their problem.

Grimsby definitely straw-clutching if they hope for no relegation from League2 though.
But I'm sure we'd be dreaming up any way of avoiding the worst if we were back in such shit ever again.
But I'm sure we'd be dreaming up any way of avoiding the worst if we were back in such shit ever again.

The further one looks back the worse it gets for them, just 6 points from the last 12 games. They are going to need some dead cat bounce to avoid relegation, because on the current trajectory they are highly unlikely to acrue another 10 points between now and the end of the season.


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On the opposite front, I notice that Mansfield's recent upturn in results has taken a downturn. Lost the last 3 and only 2 points from 15 has seen them slump to 19th; although it still looks like there are too many other bad teams to stop them from going down.

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And Southend are winning at Forest Green tonight just noticed Colchester have slipped right down have not won in 13 and sacked there manager last nigh, have replaced him with the Maldonado & Tiptree manager.

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What a strike by Ferguson for Southend's 3rd goal in their win at FGR :clap:

Our Fishy Friends are clutching at the Col U straw dropping like a stone, as Barrow and The Shrimpers negated their rare success at Blunders Park.

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I really hope Barrow stay up, for their supporters sake especially.

When they were relegated back in 72' and replaced by Hereford they didn't even finish bottom (Stockport & Crewe beneath them). So for their 1 season back and for Covid to prevent fans seeing them play is doubly cruel.
Always liked Barrow until the Liam Hearn affair.