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New Kit


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i remember going on the school trip, run from the Cherry Comp to the Lincolnshire Show, would have been about 1979-80. My brothers year, 2 years younger, met near the bandstand to eat their packed lunches. Which turned into a game, who could throw a bread roll into the Tuba or euphonium. The whole school were banned afterwards. I don't think the school ever ran another trip again. Even now.


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Teaser just gone on Twitter. Looks like thick stripes. Lot of red on back, or at least shoulders. Running Imp sponsorship on back of shirt.


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The posts underneath the video reckon it might be O'Connor, though thats maybe a blind bit of enthusiasm on their part!


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So no collar... boo. Looks like central stripe will be white. And is that some sort of red pinstripe in the white?


Hopefully not as bad as the cods' Cleggy rock-style shirt.