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New Kit


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Farmer Imp will be in his element, it will be more exciting than Wembley for him. All that straw, giant sprayers, huge water bowsers, seeing his distant cousins and progress at the training pitch; and some new City shirts to boot......
He's a farmer. His cousins are the first things he sees every morning.


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How about a new home kit that is a copy of the '75 record breaking champions team of Graham Taylor?? Would be nice to go retro, and as said on previous posts it will be a bespoke kit just for us. Unlike a lot of new kits now that are off the shelf and the only difference is the badge and sponsor. It may be a cheaper option, but when you come in late and see highlights show it can be easy to think you are watching city, but it could just as well be Brentford or Sunderland.
For the away kit it should be either Green (but Lincoln Green) or even Black. It should NEVER EVER be Blue, or even Yellow.
Or alternatively why not really go for something completely different and have Red and White checks (same sort of thing as the iconic Croatia shirt, but in Red and White), with Black shorts.
Pretty sure our away kit in the recors breaking Taylor season was yellow shirts with royal blue trim , royal blue shorts and yellow socks. Looked great from my declining memory but we played in red and white away in those days if there was no clash.


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There will no doubt be a hoard of Imps fans migrating from the Showground to the new training ground site as its a couple of minutes away. Might see some photos on here? Police - move along, nothing to see except dirt, drainagepipes, diggers, etc - actually, the same as the Lincs Show 🤔🤣

German Imp

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Has anyone actually ever been to the Lincs Show? I even avoided it when they tried to make us go from school. Isn’t just full of nobheads in tweed jackets and mustard trousers?
Absolutely, and many more besides Lincolnshire. It’s what happens when you’re from a rural community, in addition to the nose bag (stuffed Chine) and beer.


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You appreciate the Lincs show more when you move away. Went once in the late 70's with the school and was bored silly with the only bright spot was being able to lust over actress Judy Geeson who was there randomly judging something.

A couple of years ago when visiting my parents who still live only a few miles away I took my missus and lads to it and actually really enjoyed it. Must be an age thing as my teenage lads were not impressed

Imprest 1

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Looks like a few of us went with school, they actually employed us. I remember I was assigned to helping the Judges of the "Lincoln Red Cattle". Must have been due to my previous experience of falling in cow pats on the West Common! :cowboy: