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Match Thread: Oxford United v Lincoln City

German Imp

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Nothing much to write home about apart from we are architects of our own downfall (again).

When we need to stabalise the ship a little and away from home why on earth take a quick free kick from the back. Surely, we should get set before proceeding.

At this rate we'll be lucky to make the playoffs.

The Imposter

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Small margins I thought tonight. Ball fell nicely for their two goals, but less so when it happened for us.

I am resigned to being in League 1 next season, but plenty to suggest we can be there or thereabouts again this time next year
Not sure about that, as we'll lose Palmer, Rogers, Johnson, Morton and Eyoma. If we can't bring in players of equal quality to that lot, then we'll struggle.


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The moment bridcutt went off the writing was on the wall. The midfield have been pitiful.
I'm afraid Bridcutts finished. He is either breaking down with the same injury or just picking up niggle after niggle. His age isnt on his side but I cant see him ever getting fully fit again. It would be silly to build a team round him cos he hardly plays. Sanders is his natural replacement when he is fit but Jones shouldn't be anywhere near the team at the minute he is contributing nothing.


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Tonight unfortunately they themselves down with poor passing, under pressure, and even when under no pressure. No chance of building any pressure.

Rogers was the only one that looked like creating or scoring.
The rest look like upper mid table this season, which was probably what was expected of them, but with potential to be better next season.


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A deserved win for Oxford.

I don't blame the players, there were too many influential ones missing and some of those who had to play tonight weren't fully fit.

It was the sort of line-up we'd play in the Pizza Cup group stages and it showed.
That’s the harsh truth of it. With a full fit squad, we’re league beaters, but with key players out, we’re average mid-table stock. Worst thing is that we’re mainly being undone not by the crippling absences, but by unforced errors.