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Match Thread: Lincoln City v Shrewsbury Town


Vital Youth Team
Whilst not earth shattering to us, I think injuries are really hampering us particularly with only having Hopper as the only out and out No 9, without that other option just really limits what we can do.


Vital Squad Member
Edun's best game by far. Frustrating watching us play well for the last 20 minutes again when we were so slow before. Still, we hit the post, had one blocked on the line and should have had at least one penalty. I think Montsma's long range shot was going in too before Howarth got in the way (keeper had slipped).


Vital Champions League
Beat ourselves, there.

Do we owe Waterford some money if Zack plays another league game? He tore them to bits last week, yet can't get on the pitch when we need an equaliser against the same team.
I can’t understand not bringing Elbow on for at least for some minutes in the last two games when he had probably his best game this time last week.


Vital Football Hero
Blunt up front. not enough players who are natural at scoring a goal. Anderson wasted at right back. Howarth had a better 2nd half. I'm sure the manager will be looking to bring in some re-inforcements in January. Having the allowed number of substitutes would be a start. we cant even fill the bench.
As has been said, why on earth would we not bring on Zach?
Little point filling the bench if we aren't going to use them (see above!)


Vital Reserves Team
MA has some questions to answer for this one. Well played Shrewsbury, who kept their shape well, content to let us play to the final 20/25 yards, and then harried us well. We did create chances but fluffed them. Never sharp enough. We could play until Saturday and still not score. We helped them by gifting them the (well taken) goal, and then blocking three of our own shots. Lots of possession for us but was zero end product. While we do have influential players out, and a young developing side, we are looking like a side who’s squad is stretched too thinly. Referee didn’t help by closing his eyes to two definite penalties. We’re beginning to look like Ipswich, hhrrrrrr.


Vital Champions League
The home record's looking shaky W5 L4 and of the 5 home matches we've conceded in we've lost 4. Bottom of the table Wigan are the only team we've manged to beat at home when conceding - albeit that was a comeback win.

On the back of Saturday that's really disappointing.


Vital Football Hero
I know MA keeps mentioning the importance of the first goal but from a counter attacking and confidence perspective it really is critical to how we set up and play.
I can see why he keeps going on about it.

The lack of a response after Saturday was my biggest disappointment tonight but I definitely think fatigue and injuries are kicking in now.

I would give them as much rest as possible, keep calm and concentrate on the good things we have done to get into what is still a great position.

No need for panic and with it being a young team they could slip back into form.

We do need to solve the striking/goal scoring position and perhaps a change of formation can get somebody closer to Hopper so he isn't running the corner flags all the time. He must have been doing that on instruction tonight for some unknown reason surely during the last 15.

Freshen up the 11 for Saturday and unleash the Elbow. He must be wound up tighter than a Michael Owen hamstring. Let him fly.