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Match Thread: Lincoln City v Shrewsbury Town

Warrington Imp

Vital 1st Team Regular
Bit better second half but still poor Shrewsbury were nothing special but we gifted them a goal and the continual passing around at the back infuriates me it is one pass forward and two back.


Vital Champions League
Toothless for me, thought Howarth did okay but overall we looked short of options and ideas. Had 0-0 written all over it until the brain fart from Montsma.


Vital Football Hero
This time last year we had a hit and miss period. I think we do need a January fresh up.

the play offs are a push too far this year.

If we can get a Palmer standard GK next season and someone who knows where the net is I think we will be ok.

it’s ok playing total football only to fluff in the final third we will always be at risk of a loss where we gift it to them.


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Beat ourselves, there.

Do we owe Waterford some money if Zack plays another league game? He tore them to bits last week, yet can't get on the pitch when we need an equaliser against the same team.


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Possibly more suited playing away from home currently. Just looking a bit light and jaded, I think MAPP is correct we need a few improvements to the starting 11.

Nevertheless we gave a stupid goal away, if we play poor let’s at least take a 0.0.


Vital 1st Team Regular
FT. Better second half but still no cutting edge. MA could possibly change things up with substitutes a bit earlier to give Shrewsbury something different to think about. 🤔. Other than that ZZZZ. Could say more but generally disappointing. Onwards and upwards, hopefully.


Vital 1st Team Regular
What exactly didn't disappoint you about their goal?
I don't like to see us concede any goals, but we are going to and I think we have to accept that sometimes, if we are to be a ball playing team, we will mess up at the back and concede. So the fact that happens in a game isn't the problem, as far as I am concerned, it is the fact that we can't score two in response.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Blunt up front. not enough players who are natural at scoring a goal. Anderson wasted at right back. Howarth had a better 2nd half. I'm sure the manager will be looking to bring in some re-inforcements in January. Having the allowed number of substitutes would be a start. we cant even fill the bench.


Vital Football Hero
easy win for the visitors again.

decent approach play... but quite slow. then. we have a strange fear and fall apart when we reach the 18 yard box. no guile anywhere.

another game goes by where the opposition keeper hasn't really had a save to make.

appleton has said all along that there will be ups and downs. we have had more than a few ups. time for a few downs?