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Match Thread: Lincoln City v Shrewsbury Town


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Scully tried hard in attack, but Hopper and Johnson flopped again. I lost count of the passes to feet to them and Grant from Tayo Edun and TJ. No creativity in attack sadly
A lot of negativity on the board tonight .We are struggling at the moment but lets not forget what a ride these young lads are taking us on .Stick with em .I think there is more to come .


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Very frustrating. We are best as a counter attacking side and cannot seem to breakdown teams that don’t come too far forward. If they score first we lose our belief, and clear goal scoring opportunities seem to evaporate.
Disappointing that Hopper stays so wide, and deep at times, he should have learned more from Wyke’s performance for Sunderland at the weekend.


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I just don’t understand how we can play well up to the last 18 yards and create some great space for ourselves and not deliver a good chance in to the box. We are creating some great space for ourselves, but balls in to the box are awful, as is some of our positioning in the box, as is some of finishing. But we look great up to that point. What has Zeb got to do to get a game, even a proper sniff of part of one?


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being allowed a lot of the ball once you are losing is something every team gets. and having a lot of the ball is different to dominating the game. as we well know from the old ipswich and charlton home wins.


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A poor game against a team that had so little to offer. Bring on the January transfer window to freshen up a tired team. Having Bridcutt and McGrandles back will be a massive help as well.

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Beat ourselves, there.

Do we owe Waterford some money if Zack plays another league game? He tore them to bits last week, yet can't get on the pitch when we need an equaliser against the same team.
Shrewsbury must have been delighted they didn’t have to face Zack again. Scully too wide and deep for me and would like to have seen Anderson on sooner.
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You want to know why a 19 year old lad on loan from Forest deserves his place following the contribution he has provided so far this season ? Please
A very good player but his contributions in last 2 games have been negligible, possibly time to use him as an impact sub. One goal from his one on ones with Sunderland would have made it a different game. If he is to be an impact sub. he has to be brought on of course.