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Match Thread: Lincoln City v Milton Keynes Dons


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Dedication from "Imptastic" today. This morning he had to make an emergency trip to Dunfermline.

Instead of staying over, he set off in the early hours so he could get back for the game. Now in Lincolnshire having recrossed Dunham Bridge, he will have done over 650 miles today, including a long diversion due to the closure of the Queensferry Crossing. Hope we win, at least partly for his sake. Good effort.

bbh 11

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Had to watch tonight on I-follow as back is buggered and supposed to be up near Catterick very early. Very annoying as I can virtually hear the crowd in BBH.

What time does the I follow picture approximately come on as I am on a new iPad so want to check it has downloaded ok. Thanks for any response in advance.


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Time to pull rank then. I don't care if it's an octogenarian with a bad leg, the Imps are on and must be watched.
Got my seat with a power socket, no need to bump a 98 year old veteran out. but checking the i ternet speed its iffy, so will stick to audio. so still no matches missed either in person, audio and vid for at least 100 years...

Imprest 1

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Usually starts streaming around 7pm for a night game, nothing happens until 10 mins before the game really Plenty of time to test it. The audio is usually on at 7 too.