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Match Thread: Lincoln City v Milton Keynes Dons

Norfolk Imp

Vital Squad Member
Bridcutt’s first half performance and goal, young Edun at left back and the 15 point gap maintained are the only positives from tonight.

The less said about our strikers the better 🙈


Vital 1st Team Regular
Well, the positives. We earned another point as we cough and splutter towards mathematical safety.
Decent performance for Edun- we may have found our left back. Bridcutt, Morell, Anderson and Grant had good games as well for me.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Seems we need a few less fixtures for a while, a bit more time on the training ground and an anger management course for Morrell?

Will be pleased to see Bozzie back soon, a bit more experience will steady the newbies.
It'll be the rugby genes in Morrell...he just can't help bringing down opponents

Warrington Imp

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Second half was dreadful and MK Dons definitely finished the stronger donot understand why we play out from the back as Vickers, Shackell and in particular Bolger’s distribution is dreadful.

When you compare us to the Xmas games against Posh and Ipswich we have really gone backwards,.

Still trying to work out what Hopper is here for gives nothing as far as I can see.

Playing like that we will get beat at Accy on Saturday and we are basically hoping that Tranmere’s bad run continues.

Becoming very unsure about MA hope I am proved wrong.


Vital 1st Team Regular
I'm ok with a point. It has stopped the losing streak for now. We are in a major transition phase and will likely stumble over the line. Probably end up with about 50 points. There will need to be some clever work in the summer in terms of recruitment of a new spine and coaching of the young players if we are to avoid a relegation scrap next season.

Brendan Bradley

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I'll make some allowances for the wind, which always makes it hard to see a good game. But the second half was, well, error strewn and with more restarts than a Rugby League game.

But anyone who thinks there has been nothing but exciting games in the last couple of years must have serious memory lapses because there were some shockers even last season.

For a team trying to play a passing game, we don't half give the ball away a lot, though.


Vital Football Hero
on that evidence, pleased we have signed edun and scully - who both appear to have potential - rather than hesketh, john-jules and coventry.

bridcutt mom by a mile this time, the only one going forward with a bit of composure and passing ability, highlighted even more when morrell went off. at that point he had no-one to work with.


Vital Reserves Team
A point was a fair reflection of the game I guess, but I'm not happy with it.

I'm not worried about relegation, but I agree with others we're in danger of losing 2,000-3,000 fans from our home attendances

We need to be winning some games pretty soon and we could, and should, have won this one

Frustratingly, we have brief moments where we show how good we can be

Oh, the highs & lows of being an Imp! Next stop Accrington. Onwards & upwards


Vital Champions League
What lovely football the Appleton brand is - can we have that every week?

what a load of crap - 2 awful teams a poor ref and a waste of time
Yeh employ a manager after the transfer window closes and give him a 3 season target and then think you’re witnessing the finished article after a 31 day transfer window and no pre-season. Sounds right.