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Grand Theft Auto 5


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Rome 2 Total war was released a few days ago, September is always a great month for games. I haven't got time for GTA5 right now but i cannot wait to play it.


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thefacehead - 7/9/2013 15:35

May have to come out of Gaming retirement to feel what it's like again to be a bad ass gangster mo fo!
Same as me mate, I haven't really switched on my PS3 in over a year other than to watch DVD's and Lovefilm, I just don't get the time. But for GTA.... I will make time!



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Hell yeah!! Not sure on the price though, may have to give it a couple of weeks until the geeks need a new game and give them half what they paid lol.


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Got this on pre order today, first time ill be using my xbox in over 2 years! Thought I had grown out of the grand theft auto games but after reading the reviews im well intrigued. Sounds like it could be a ground breaking masterpiece as far as gaming is concerned.

For those that doubt the pedigree of Video games

William Shakespeare, Edward Elgar, The Beatles, James Bond... Grand Theft Auto?

Because even before today's release of Grand Theft Auto 5, the GTA series has already sold more games than The Who have sold records, to use just one comparison.

"[It] clearly shows they are now on a par with film, television and animation, and deserve to be treated as such."