Danny will not panic


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I understand and get all that, however I hope we dont end up like the last couple of windows when something similar was said and we missed out on that extra bit of quality for a new striker. Surely we have enough means at our disposal to be a little less cautious if it means getting the right man a few weeks earlier?

I know we have to be prudent, but we also have the money to make a significant difference in key areas and I don't think that would be a risk of harming the club, especially as finances have probably never been so healthy.


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The first deadline is preseason if we're to hit the ground running. Pressure starts building after this date the closer we get to kick off day.

Feels like we may have missed out on Hopper (reading between the lines).
This is a make or break period for new signings,the earlier the better and as Impish says we are in a position to invest and i`m sure it will be a better window than last January.
Good player loans may well be the order of the day.


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I don't think anyone would argue that we have made two quality signings on the face of it so far! I understand that people are frustrated but I think what Danny is alluding to is that we won't be caught out paying over the odds for players which I totally agree with.

I am sure the players we have are all on good money compared to the likes of us and I am sure we can pay a lot more than some but Danny is correct we must bring in only players that can improve us, be of the right character and be within budget otherwise you start upsetting the applecart!


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Of course we all do, a concern about not ending up like we have in the last two windows though is a valid point surely? Hindsight is a wonderful thing but we need to make sure we get those striker(s) in that can make that extra difference to getting us a better chance of promotion, even if it means spending a little more now.
I agree. Just making the point that just because something is discussed does not in any way imply a lack of support.
Tomorrows Headline:
Danny says "I panicked"

Danny Cowley insists he can't be arsed trawling the league for quality players at the right price.

"It's a numbers game for me, as long as I have a full squad of 35 players I'm not really bothered how good they are"

Having signed striker Bruno Andrade and left-back Harry Toffolo, the Lincoln City boss gave up looking hard for any more quality to add to his squad and simply signed any old dross that didn't put up much of a struggle during negotiations."


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Speculate to accumulate....
Not expecting us to spend the kind of money Notts County did but surely spending 100/150k on a striker that puts the chances away that we were missing last has got to be worth it?
We only missed out on automatic promotion because we drew a lot of games that we dominated but failed to take the chances as we lacked that goal poacher type forward that would hopefully convert those chances.

Didn't we sort of bid around 150k for Parkin way back when during the KA gardening leave episode/ Ray Trew leaving?
I'm sure Danny will get players in quicker this time, especially forwards after what has happened in the last two windows BUT it does nag away at you after the last two windows....