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I actually used to quite like Peston a few years back - was he always a cock and I hadn't noticed?
Him and Laura Kuntsberg, its almost a competition to see who can drag their question out the longest and get in the most other questions.

There was even one complete cock asking questions which were clearly answered in the briefing. Bunch of pricks. On another note Sir Kia Starmer will never ever be Primeminister as long as he has a hole in his arse. I have been a Labour man all my life but after Corbyn and now this prick........
Read out a long statement about coming out of lockdown about 20 minutes of the way forward and finished with "It should be about DATA not DATES"

Well if you are going to steal from Boris just stick it on the end, no one will notice.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
They make sense on so many levels, trouble is, they also add so many questions on soooo many levels.

Hope that helps!

Seriously though, we do live in extraordinary times, so I might - once full discussed/read up on, err on the side of doing it.

What pisses me off with those who won't have a vaccine, is they think it is just about them not catching it. It isn't, feck it, if you want it, fill yer boots (it's bloody horrible and 40% in hospital right now are under 60 I believe, it was higher)..... BUT it is about you not catching it AND spreading it. Ok, so then they can argue, the rest of us will have had a vaccine, yes, correct. BUT if there are 47% in Birmingham who haven't had a vaccination, the virus will remain, and if the virus remains, it will mutate. THEN there might be a mutation that we can ALL catch again.

Selfish, ill informed, twerps.

And this isn't all about doing what the authorities say, I would think when it comes to a righteous claim to not trusting the NHS and the system, I am fairly high on the (what I think would be a fairly long!) list.

This is for the greater good. Simples.

Melon Donkey

Vital Football Legend
I think David Blunkett must have read your post Melon, he is in the Mail today saying the same thing.
Just had a read . I wasn't just being a narky sod who has it in for the teachers ( although my teacher neighbour has annoyed me, but i know single examples are not representative) .Like I said in my post the teaching unions seem to be the difficult ones here. Although I do question that they surely will not be operating off their own backs?. They, after all, represent the teachers so is their apparent reticence all their own or are they acting on what they have been requested to do by their some of the union members i.e the teachers.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
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16 797 in hospital - 2273 on ventilators

121 305 died within 28 days - 135 613 with covid on their death certificate.