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As usual the EFL will make a decision which completely ignores the needs of football clubs. Up and down the country.
We will end up playing behind closed doors for the foreseeable future and this will sound the death knell of probably ten if not more clubs.if they suspended football till the end of June. Treating that as the summer recess. Then by playing sat and Tues the clubs could finish their leagues by early Aug. Suspend the checkatrade trophy for a season , or whatever it is called now. Then start the new season at the beginning of September.
if Clubs needed help during the suspended period the PFA , FA and EFL who are all awash with money could surely help them out.
Wont happen i know, but i think it is the fairest way forwards for fans and players.


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Vitals is so incredibly lucky to have such a super intelligent set of posters. Not only do many think they know all the answers to footballing matters they know more about health matters than the Chief Medical Officer and the leading scientists in the country.
But hey ho lets blame Boris Johnson and his government, absolutely priceless. Confirms social studies that football fans in general have a much lower than average IQ.
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