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2021 Summer Transfer Thread


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Quite right chap, this one has legs of that I am sure.

I am totally confident yet slightly unsure that this one will come off, although it may or may not HAPPEN as well you know

Now where's that brie? LoL

Toodlepip snerts :tophat:

And where have YOU Been? What happened to the midweek presser little piggy?

No doubt you was with HER, strolling around rural Gloucestershire. Looking in antiques shops and having lunch in quaint Cotswold tearooms?

Not that I care a jot.

Polly 433

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He maybe perfect for us. Have only seen him on You Tube, which is deceptive as they edit all the bits where the player is useless but his style and strengths could suit what we need. He is big and mobile. He can be a target and hold the ball up bringing others in to the game. He also has good ground control and quick feet. Seems to know where net is and has decent shot. Unsure of heading ability and of course the standard of the opposition is weak. He has played for National U 21’s so can’t be that bad. Croatian National squad is quite reasonable in national rankings.

At 21 he has to be a good gamble. Could benefit enormously from good coaching and quality around him. If stories are true about loan with option to buy then gamble is very low. Even his wages in comparison are relatively low. I agree it does leave him taking most of the risks, up sticks, foreign country, loan so lack of stability but is probably a better option than a loan to an inferior Croatian team or Turkish team.