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20/21 Your "Realistic" Starting Lineup/Formation

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I've been away from forums for such a long time, I'm really interested in hearing as many views from other Villa fans and how you rate the squad we possess/potential signings.

Rate the players we have in as much or little detail as you want or simply just put up your formation with the players you would like to see start, I'll read every comment :)

Thanks Guys


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Gk: Heaton/New Signing

Rb: Cash/Guilbert
Cb: Konsa/Engels
Cb: Mings/Hause
Lb: New signing/Targett

DCM: Douglas/Nakamba
CAM: McGinn/Hourihane
CAM: Grealish/New Signing

RW: New signing/Trezeguet
LW: New signing/El Ghazi
ST: New signing/Wesley

Youth players with potential to get game time:

Vassilev, Barry, Chukwuemeka, Ramsey, Davis

I think we are a left back and a new front three away from a full premier league quality XI. Depending on the length and severity of Heaton's injury, potentially a goalkeeper too.

In terms of squad depth, I'm happy with centre back and right back positions. Central defensive midfield is quite strong too, Douglas is a crucial player for us but if worst came to worst and he was injured or suspended, Nakamba could step in and do a job. Nakamba lacks any threat when we are in posession but is a hard worker when we dont have the ball.

We are especially weak in wide positions. I want to see Grealish in a Number 8/10 position next season, not wide left. We are also weak in midfield depth wise; if McGinn or Grealish are injured, Hourihane is ok at best and there is no one else apart from the youth players (Chuk, Ramsey) mentioned above.

Any players not mentioned (Nyland, Kalinic, Elmo, Taylor, Lansbury, Samatta etc.) I don't really fancy seeing in a Villa shirt next season.
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Smalling / Stones
Targett (said through gritted teeth as I'd prefer a new left back but can't see it happening)

New Signing



El Ghazi

Sell -


On the fringes -



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This is actually quite a depressing thread. If we simply select the players we currently have then we're going down, if you add the players we've been linked with then it's still a struggle to survive and 15th looks like a 'good' final position.


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This is actually quite a depressing thread. If we simply select the players we currently have then we're going down, if you add the players we've been linked with then it's still a struggle to survive and 15th looks like a 'good' final position.
What makes you say that? If we sign Watkins and a couple of wingers and they score 30 goals between them, if we get Grealish and McGinn fit and playing well in the middle of the park with Douglas, Mings and Konsa continuing where they left off and Cash playing like he did last season, who knows how many games we might win? Anything can happen at this point. But we do need to see a striker and a couple of wingers soon.


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By the way its going currently it'll be the exact same line up as the west ham game but with Cash in at rb and Steer or possibly Romero in goal. If its the same come October then we're in serious trouble.

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Guilbert(Cash)-Engels(Konsa)-Mings(Hause)-Targett(new signing)
-----------------McGinn(new signing)-Grealish(Hourihane)---------
New signing(Trez)----------------------------------New signing(ElGhazi)
----------------------------New signing(Wesley)-----------------------

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We had a little momentum building towards the end of last season v Arsenal and West Ham. So I would like to see start with our strongest side, with Ramsey and Cash on the bench getting some playing time.

I would also like to see Davis tried out on the RW at some point during the game. I'm pretty sure he played there earlier in his career(youth) and was quite effective. Showing pace, holding onto the ball and looked pretty good at crossing the ball.

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Forgot to add there - that another reason I feel we should start with our strongest line up, is that it's a must win game.

If we lose this, it could have a big impact on how we start this new season.

And being last season's finalists, the press will be all over it if we don't secure a good result.

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Got to be on the bench at least you'd have thought.
He's 19 and full of confidence, imagine being him right now, you've just played against some of the best players in the Premiership and you've stolen the headlines, I'd keep that lad on cloud 9 and build his confidence up.

Definitely needs game time of at least 30minutes, But I'm sure Dean Smith putting him against Arsenal in the first place will do right by the lad, he obviously likes him.


Still time to get Watkins and Romero in right ?