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    Racism - Controversial Opinion Here...

    Once crowds come back into stadiums, if will be forced to stop, because its not wanted
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    Sky Sports or iFollow tomorrow

    At least on sky I can record the game, and watch bits after it if i want.
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    Joe Quigley

    Pathetic idea of a joke. Someone needs to grow up
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    Tyreke Johnson

    Length of contract not disclosed though. Maybe we've only signed him to the end of the season, thus he and the club can decide on a new contract then
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    Monday joke (ng)

    BREAKING NEWS ...Justice has been served! There's been some scumbag called Cal going round breaking in to people's houses near me for months, but the police can't catch him. 😡The weirdest thing about it all, is he was breaking into people's houses and ruining their washing machines by putting...
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    Evans transfer update

    TBH ,I think Jack is downgraded from last year. Since Max went I think he's struggled a bit and he now seems to just want to hoof the ball upfield. I thought against Accrington he was quite poor. I think there's a good centreback in there somewhere it just needs coming out.
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    Evans transfer update

    A rumour on Facebook is that striker we want to sign is going to be Elliot Lee, Olly's brother . Apparently Olly has alluded to it on his Twitter feed. I haven't seen it, so I can't substantiate the truth
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    Doubts must be raised about any manager who picks Hanlon as a main striker
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    Monday joke (ng)

    Little Jimmy didn't go to school one day. When he went on his teacher asked him why he was absent " My dad got burnt yesterday" he said " Oh dear" said his teacher, "was it badly" "Yes" he said," they don't piss about at the crematorium"
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    Player ratings v Sunderland

    I wish we could keep Lumley. Good hands and excellent distribution. Absolutely fabulous
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    Who's the Gills fan who's died?

    Yes he was. He was often at the ground entrances in Redfern Avenue on match days from about 1.30, often talking to the stewards and others there
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    Ifollow charge update

    It will be on Quest
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    I Player question

    Exactly the same happened to me 2 weeks ago ( see earlier in this message thread). I've been in discussions with ifollow for days trying to get it back. No luck yet, but they do seem to be on it, but very slow. Email them in first instance. I will give you a phone number that I managed to find...
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    Yes, that's exactly what I mean. Younger inexperienced players so anyone like him stands out and has time to distribute the ball easier.
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    Maybe he's used to be playing with better players at Arsenal where they make themselves easily available for a pass. Bit different in league 1 where players in midfield are closed down quickly so you have to get shot of it quickly. Experience will help him there.