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    Return of the Tango Man.

    The teams that aren't proper Clubs are mostly "Rich Men's Toys" and are playing in the top two divisions.
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    N/G How many sweaters?

    I do remember having a club game abandoned in May because of Snow. I used to love playing at Bapchild, lovely ground, friendly team, but we always seemed to play them early season with the wind from the estury coming straight from Siberia.
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    Monday joke (ng)

    A friend of mine was working out at the gym when he spotted a sweet young thing walking in.... He asked the trainer standing next to him, "What machine should I use to impress that young lady over there?" The trainer looked him over and said;"I would recommend the ATM in the lobby."
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    Dominic Samuel

    Dominic Samuel played for an "Under 21" side in a friendly against Luton under 21's yesterday.
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    Bristol Rovers/Ehmer

    Just looked at Rovers first team squad on-line. They list 34 players in the squad which includes 2 players out on loan. Astonishingly they list 6 goalkeepers but only 3 strikers.
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    Players that proved us wrong

    I have to say that my favourite Nyron game was West Ham at home in the championship. Nyron was marking Germain Defoe. Defoe got so frustrated because Nyron had him completely in his pocket that Defoe began fouling Nyron at every opportunity. The referee eventually sent Defoe off but he should...
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    R.I.P. Charlie Crickmore

    Arsenal kicked us off the park in the second reply. No television coverage in those days and if was wearing a blue top and moved it got kicked.
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    Hull duo to miss Gills match.

    Gavin Whyte and Josh Magennis have both received International call ups and will miss the game v. the Gills. Mind you Hull have a huge squad so they will probably be OK.
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    R.I.P. Charlie Crickmore Only 76. Part of the Freddie Cox record breaking side.
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    players driving themselves to games

    I assume that it is paid as a part of your salary and is taxable. In those circumstances it sounds like the payment is more towards the purchase of the vehicle and not to cover travelling costs. In my opinion I think that you are entitled to claim for it. However why don't you have a word with...
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    players driving themselves to games

    Sorry Mark, been watching the cricket, but I see that Trashbat has answered you question in great detail. Your employer is also authorised to increase the standard revenue payment by 5p per mile for every passenger, but you aren't allowed to claim the tax on that amount if your employer doesn't...
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    players driving themselves to games

    I don't want to teach anyone to "suck eggs" and I suspect that everyone knows that there is an Inland Revenue mileage rate that an employer can pay for work related mileage. However many employers pay less than the "Revenue Rate". What many people don't know is that the employee can claim the...
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    Not the Swindon match thread...

    The only team in the league whose supporters can offer a "six fingered salute". "Elsey Rocket, Elsey Rocket", and still we didn't win.
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    Shamima Begum

    It never appears on a voting paper which is what your post actually suggests. It is probably used only in conversation these days by members of the loonie left as evidenced by the posters who liked your comment.
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    Shamima Begum

    That will be a first. Never seen a "Tory Candidate" on a voting paper any more than I have seen "Commie" against a socialist candidate.