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    Is Kyle Dempsey the next Andy Hessenthaler-esque legend in waiting
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    I used to catch the 5-30pm bus from Gillingham to Snodland. On a Friday I used to arrive home on the 3-30pm bus! No, it wasn't time travel The traffic was so bad that by standing on the rear platform and jumping off and running, hopping on the nearest bus if the traffic started to move and so...
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    Monday joke (ng)

    Subject: SCAM WARNING BE CAREFUL IF SHOPPING IN ASDA OR TESCO'S Over the last month I have become a victim of a clever Eastern European scam while out shopping. Simply dropping into Asda for a bit of shopping turned out to be quite an experience. Don't be naive enough to think it couldn't...
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    Danny Spiller

    The rumour at the time was that he was going to sign for West Ham on the Monday in exchange for a fee of £200K and a player (a "vertically challenged" former Wimbledon mid-fielder - can't remember his name) but broke his leg on the Saturday. Was never the same player again.
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    Lockdown boredom, help needed (n/g)

    Probably one of the 10,000 Australian barmen who have gone home because the pubs are closed.
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    south african covid

    Sorry Chris, I hate nit pickers but I think that you mean "can't". Having said that I fully agree with your comment.
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    What happened to Kelvin Jack?

    I do wonder if "sell on fees" work in reverse? i.e. If Sittingbourne have to pay Dover to sign a player do we have to pay a proportion?:fish:
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    Transfer window rumours

    Luke Norris has moved to Stevenage from Colchestrer.
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    Gills legend "Les Riggs" has sadly passed away.

    Thanks for that Jogills. I would have "liked" your post but that didn't seem appropriate. I still remember Ronnie and Gordon Pulley tearing Bury (then Div.2 i.e. championship) apart the night the new floodlightrs were first switched on.
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    Gills legend "Les Riggs" has sadly passed away.

    Better known as "Spider"!
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    Gills legend "Les Riggs" has sadly passed away.

    He might be the oldest but Ron Bacon is 85 (86 in March) whilst Gordon Pulley isn't far behind at 84.
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    Gills legend "Les Riggs" has sadly passed away.

    Les was our first long throw exponant and could reportedly throw the ball over the main stand.
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    Stamps - n/g

    You are correct to say that you can stick aseveral stamps on an envelope to make up the total price. However you will probably find that uch an item will take longer to arrive than one bearing a single stamp for the correct amount. TRhe multi stamp items are often thrown out by the post office...
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    It was 40 years ago today....

    I was there, don't remember the tee shirts though. Worst bit was that we later signed Ovard.
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    Extreme Weather at Priestfield

    I remember well the occasion of Akinbiyi's debut against Plymouth. My brother in law was home from the Midlands and I dropped in on the way over to see if he was going to come. First of all he wasn't coming and then at the last minute and just as I was leaving he decided that yes perhaps he...