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The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Norwegians have been left awestruck by what experts say was an unusually large meteor that illuminated the night sky in the country's south-east.
Footage shows powerful flashes of light over Norway, followed by what witnesses described as loud bangs on Sunday.

Couple of different vids if you scan through.
Getting closer :wahey::wahey:

End of times are a comin End of times are a comin !!!


Vital Football Legend
Not sure about this, what next, Tyrannosaurus Rex? Yes please actually.

"Genetics project aims to resurrect woolly mammoths within the next six years"

"Woolly mammoths could be "resurrected" within six years as part of a genetic engineering project trying to reverse extinction".
I guess that's the best they can do as the literal resurrection at the cross hasn't happened yet.

They have got tired of waiting for the Jesus resurrection so we are getting woolly mammoth's instead 😏

Fair enough by me