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The Official Dean Smith Thread


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Glad we’ve made an appointment, whether Smith was our first or third choice that is all history now we need to get behind him. Let’s just hope he has the magic that Gregory brought us in the 90’s.

JT is a pleasant surprise and big appointment, if it was Rodgers I could’ve seen it but i didn’t have him down to join with anyone else (least of all Henry).

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Melon Donkey

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And well done to Avfc for conducting this search discreetly without pandering or getting involved in media rubbish. Seems this, while not entirely unexpected, has taken certain outlets by surprise. Normally there is a build up . But this has just dropped.

Turns out it wasn't embarrassing after all then.


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Plays decent football. Humble beginnings and will obviously work his arse off. JT as coach another good move. Director of football to allow the management to concentrate on football. Good news and looking forward to my first home game in a while against Swansea. I better see goals, decent football and a win obviously.


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Wouldnt have been my choice, but I will get behind him 100% and hope he proves me wrong. We desperately need a manager who can unite the fan base again. There has been a split since the late MON days.
Surely we can convince JT to put his playing boots back on again for the rest of the season


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Hopefully Jesus as sporting director can provide some kind of divine intervention too!

Great news all in all, as Grealish said not too long ago... ‘Let’s get to work’