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The Great Unveiling (21/22 Predictor Leagues)

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Nick Real Deal

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It's easier to just accept the rule works for everyone the same way, and it also keeps it a light touch. This isn't a quality issue., and shouldn't have made you exlude yourself - I think withdrawing is kind of like chucking your toys out of the pram., which is a shame and frankly I thought not like you at all.

Anyway, you've declared your personality forces you to be unable to comply, so let's move on, and then we don't have to keep going around in circles.
Absolutely no chucking of toys. I don't want to participate in it with its rule 7 in place. A bit like posters don't participate in my ratings thread, it doesn't interest them.
I just want to make clear that the qualifying
games either side of the Man City opening game WILL NOT BE PART OF THE NEW EURO PREDICTOR LEAGUE .
Our Euro league will only start when the Conference league proper starts on the 16 th September
This thread has been a very useful preamble; sorting the wheat from the chaff and getting everyone ready for the new season - but when the time comes as we get closer to the start, I'll 'retire' this thread and we'll have a brand new thread with the Rules as the first post.

People can join the fun at any time in the season, it's free to join in - best of all you need no prior expertise to pick scores other than good or bad luck! I wouldn't mind betting that one of the winners will come from them..

End of this new season both admins will get a bottle of my favourite Armagnac as a thank you - if you don't drink it, you'll learn, and neither of you can refuse it..

This season there will be a 1st, 2nd and third prize - I will discuss this with the others and make sure we can come up with something worthwhile, you will have no choice but to have them !! (all charity type donations to this year's Vital Spurs charity will come from ad-hoc events here that we will make up on the fly).

I can't wait to see it in action, well done guys, great start.
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