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The Douglas Luiz Thread


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Like virtually every other player in our squad he had a good start but a mostly poor second half of the season. He knows he has to bounce back though. I'm glad he's going nowhere and Smith obviously has a lot of faith in him.

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In all seriousness maybe the uncertainty on his future has been hanging over his head like a cloud and affecting his performances.

There are probably a million and one things for him to have been thinking about. Would I get in the squad if I go back to City? Would they recall me just to sell me? I'm happy where I am I don't want to move, I will need to find a new house, I won't know anybody.

As others have said, we have to remember he's 22 years old. The uncertainty over his future probably has had an impact on him psychological and thus on his performance.


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Doug has been picked for the Brazilian Olympic squad. So that's 2 tournaments he's playing in. Definitely missing most if not all if pre season.


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He was a liability at times. I think Nakamba stepping in those last 2 games highlighted how poor a DM Luiz is .
And in Nakambas 6 starts , 5 wins 1 draw . Says it all really
Those stats aren’t right Marvelous started away to Sheffield utd and we lost that one. He was dog shit from memory too