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Summer transfers rumours, speculation, news

Kenny Morris

Vital Squad Member
We need to be looking past players we signed last season they did a decent job for us in the situation, but the players we did sign last year did finish 20th.

Signing players like Whatmough is the way to go if we wanna be challenging next year
But that was in very different circumstances to every other club in the league and we had nearly 40 players who -played for us last season so the ones who we finished with were way better than 20th place players, although we do need to upgrade on some of them


Vital Squad Member
For all of Johnston’s tenacity in the tackle and his ball playing he was caught out a few times by losing his man which led to goals. Now he can improve in that department but we know very well the types of defenders we need at this level. They need to be big, strong and able to roll their sleeves up and be big and hairy when required. In our successful seasons at this level we had Pearce and Morgan and then Dunkley and Burn. Both of those pairings were solid and knew how to defend


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No shock Evans went. He will certainly be a loss at this level - sounds like Ipswich might be paying over the odds in wages so can't blame him for taking it or us not bettering it.

He's a top L1 player but not a Championship player so if you are going to pay the type of wage apparently needed to keep him you'd probably want someone who had shown more in the Championship.

Wish him well just not well enough to finish above us next season.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Personally I thought Lee Evans was a very good player for us Mr Dick !

I recon the reason he left is that Wigan didn’t come up with the necessary - I think he will be missed !.

It needs to be remembered that the owners need to pay for about 15 new additions as well as our contracted players. Paying what Lee Evan's would want just isn't realistic this window

Proud Latic

Vital Youth Team
Good luck to Evans. He's an excellent player at this level (and a decent squad player at Championship level) and will be a good signing for Ipswich.

As for Johnston, I would have liked us to have signed him. I think he'll be a very good player in the future. The Portsmouth fans seem to rate Whatmough highly, so losing out on Johnston may not be as bad as one may think.