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Let's start tonight's cup of sick drinking media retribution with a total bellend...

Robbie Savage

Ex-Leicester City & Wales midfielder on BBC Radio 5 live

Dominant from City, they've toyed with United at times and gone 11 points clear.

They were tactically better and it could have been more than two.

Brilliant from Pep Guardiola's men.
Fabian Delph, on Sky:

"It is the sweetest of the lot. Derbies are always like this - hectic and end to end - but we stuck to it. I am going to celebrate this in there in a minute.

"I am learning on the game, game by game. I anticipated him winning the header and he didn't. Thankfully I have team-mates who can pull me out of the wars. They have done well for me today.

"It is far too early. We take each game as it comes. We are not looking in the past or future, just on the day."
Kevin de Bruyne:

"Lots of teams lost points this weekend so it is a big one for us. We have to enjoy it and then focus again for Wednesday.

"It is a big gap. If we slip up we are still in the lead. We can't be complacent. We need to do what we have all year. I prefer to be 11 points ahead than 11 points behind that's for sure."

46 - Manchester City's 46-point total after 16 games this season was enough to secure 8th position in the Premier League at the end of 2016-17. Madness. #derbyday
Jose Mourinho, speaking to BBC Sport:

"My first reaction is I feel sorry for referee Michael Oliver because he had a very good match but unfortunately he made an important mistake.

"The result was made with a big penalty not given. That would have been 2-2 with 20 minutes to go

"Michael was unlucky because it was a clear penalty."

Asked whether the title race is over, Mourinho adds: "Probably, yes.

"Manchester City are a very good team and they are protected by the luck, and the gods of football are behind them."
Pep Guardiola, speaking to Sky Sports:

"The personality to play here is what I want. We can play this way in England. People said we couldn’t play the way we did in Barcelona in England but it is possible and we did it.

"I knew that last season. Always I believed we could do it. Everyone can play how they want, that’s why football is so beautiful. I’m happy to go to Stamford Bridge and Old Trafford and to beat them in this way.

"Football is incredible. We spoke about how to play United but never set-pieces offensively, and then we score two. Football is unpredictable.

"This win means a lot in the way we played for our confidence but in three days we go to Swansea in the winter time. We are going to face a lot of difficulties. In December it’s impossible to be champions but it’s good for us."

And as for Maureen:

"Last season it was the same – we won here and it was the referee. Today as well. Yesterday he spoke about the referee. We are an honest team. We had 75% ball possession, which means we wanted to play. We came here and did that."

"It’s not true that my players go down easily. That is not an argument I believe."

"Vinnie is always like this – unfortunately we can’t count on him for a long time."

JB View

Never in any doubt for me. The City Way prevails again. 8 wins in the last 13 league derbies. This league is full of long ball hoofer giants and that Stretford side are the cream of the crap. The most important aspect is pulling clear of Chelsea by 14, Liverpool by 16 and Arsenal by 17 points respectively. This win though is all the sweeter for Maureen’s cup of sick drinking post match comments, Romelu Birtles refusing Ederson’s handshake and a legion of shockingly biased hacks and pundits who pilloried us all week. Take it, Take it!
Pep Guardiola on BBC Radio 5 live:

"We won in Old Trafford again, that is why I am the most pleased and of course for the three points. We played good, with a lot of courage. I'm so satisfied.

"We won because we were better. We are still in December, if we have 11 points when we play the second derby in April then maybe I will tell you that we have the title."
Jose Mourinho, speaking to MOTD:

"Like last season, we had a penalty with City - Bravo on Rooney. This season is the same. But Michael was unlucky as it was a clear penalty.

"Two bad goals. Not what you expect to concede. City have good qualities. They have a huge percentage of ball but their creation we kept control of.

"We did enough to win the game? It depends on your perspective. They had more of the ball and apparently more control because they kept the ball more than us. But I think the players fought enough. Without any analysing the match is made of incidents and the penalty was a big incident."

"The referee is a human being and he tried his best. He was very committed to have a good match which I think he had but made one mistake which was a crucial mistake.

"They scored two goals which were quite unbelievable to concede. They scored two goals out of nothing with rebounds....two easy goals. We did good things, we did bad things.

"I think they are a very good team, they are lucky, they have decisions in their favour."

"I'm pretty sure everyone is going to fight for points and try and reduce the distance, but the advantage is a very good one."

Kyle Walker, speaking to MOTD:

"It’s a very big three points. In the build up to the game there was a lot of pressure on us."

Asked if the title race was over, Walker added: "No, not at all. There's still a lot of football to be played. We've got a big game at Swansea on Wednesday and then we've got Tottenham.

"It's not over yet and we need to keep our feet on the floor. The gaffer won't let us take our feet off the ground. It’s a step in the right direction, it's a positive step."
Sergio Kun Aguero
? @aguerosergiokun

Gran trabajo de todo el equipo para un triunfo muy importante que nos permite ampliar la diferencia. Vamos City!!//Great work for the whole team! We can widen our lead. C'mon, City!
Belief. That is the key. The payers beleive in Guardiola, he believes in them and they trust each other.

Oustanding stuff.

Maureen’s sour grapes only serve to sweeten the result. They have been put to the sword on their HOME GROUND.......again.......and all he can complain about is the referee. Some of his comments are utterly laughable. This is a classic.....

“They had more of the ball and apparently more control because they kept the ball more than us.” :039: :039: I am not sure what other kind of definition of ‘control’ you could come up with.

Once again he demonstrates what an ungracious, self-absorbed twat he really is.

The irony of City winning by scoring goals from set pieces when all week the hacks and pundits had been banging non about how that would the way to score against us.

Laughing my socks off at that :010: :010:

Colin Is The King

Vital Football Legend
I loved Mourinho's post match interview on Sky. Could watch that on a loop for the rest of the night.
One sad note, Pep confirmed Kompany came off injured, so he must be a doubt for Wednesday.
Yes, sadly it seems Vinnie could be out for a long while based on pep’s comments. :013: I fear this could be it for him :093:

Mangala will have to step up

Colin Is The King

Vital Football Legend
A photo of Otamendi's goal, and a clip of Silva's goal (briefly), plus a reaction to it :010: