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Rolling Results Thread 2018 - 2019

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Good away point for the Barcodes, great win for Wolves, a good result for us at the swamp, keeps Maureen in a job and the Arse drop further behind. Dippers still hanging on to our coat tails, which is a big worry, that missed pen could come back to haunt us.
Burnley 1 dippers 3
They are just doing what we did last season, the question is can they carry it through another 23 games, I think the early exit from the League Cup has helped and it would not surproise me for them to exit the FA Cup early doors as well to assist.

It is looking really good for an exciting season and at one point I thought we might have had a free pass this Saturday.


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Cherries versus Liverpool - be interesting to see if AFC B put up the same sort of fight the they did against us or whether they roll over to have their tummy tickled prior to being shafted up their collective arse.

Wilson out for the South Coasters and yet he played against us - coincidence, I don't know...
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