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RIP Mel Smith

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A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Comic legend...

just 60.. heart attack.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Sadly that is it Trekker. Poor diet, poor drinking habits. Look after your body it usually looks after you (to a certain extent) but abuse it and ....

Shame, 60 is 20 years too early for sure.

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A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Decent info on how life expectancy has gone up.

Up by 30 years in a hundred year period.


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RIP: shocking as 60 is no age. His life style probably didn't help but we see many athletes/joggers etc. also die at young ages too, so I guess when your no on it it's on it.

Thanks for the memories Mel


I have only found this out just on here, wow im shocked, i grew up as a nipper with the pair of them, shame big loss RIP Mel you made ma laff as a kid loads!

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Younger people probably won't realise just how groundbreaking not the nine o'clock news was. Was a real kick up the backside for TV and comedy.


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NTNN and Alas Smith & Jones were both excellent and original....I really do struggle to think of any other sketch shows where so many of the sketches are so grained in my memory and still make me laugh all these years on.

I think the Fast Show was the only sketch show aside from these two that was any good. So popular were they that they managed to single handidly kill off a national sport for an entire generation when they did that darts sketch.....another classic.

He went onto form TalkBack productions who in turn were responsible for several comedy and inovative classics such as Father Ted and Ali G - I bet Mel had an awful lot to do with those being succesful too.

Cunilingus, Mel.


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People tell me that inbetweeners is the funniest thing since zog, and I think of alas smith and jones and facepalm back to my pint.

Bonus point for the kiddies for the reason behind the alas smith and jones title.......