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This morning on a local radio station in Lancashire there was much talk of pies. Folk were insisting that it`s simply not PC (Pie Correct) to sell bits of fish and sauce as a "Pie". Unless it`s got pastry, a lid and a bottom, it`s not a pie ! Even if the filling is only cheese or butter, it`s still a pie but, a bit of mince under a dollop of potato - that`s not a pie.

They even considered the cost of pies abroad: A steak pie in St Lucia is $10 ; a chicken pie in Jamaica is $4 and in Barbados, the cost of a steak and onion pie is a massive $9 - those are the Pie-rates of the Caribbean !

They know a thing or two about pies up here ! Except in Wigan, where five pies on a skewer is called a Wigan Kebab.

Good to talk pies, it`s a sure sign that folk are looking forward to getting back into football grounds !

Do you like pies ?
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I'm not quite sure where I stand on this. I love a steak and kidney pudding as well as the pie version. I really enjoy a good Cornish pasty and yet do not like pork pies. I do, however, enjoy the occasional deep fried mince pie when going home after a night out on "the swally". Maybe I'm just too cosmopolitan :cool:


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Pies are OK but Cornish Pasties from a specialist baker takes some beating.

Although expensive, the pasties they sell at Charing Cross and Victoria stations are heavenly. I am not sure my fellow travellers appreciate it when I take a hot one on to the train though !


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Pirozhki russian pies are bloody delicious. There are many different fillings. Not seen them at russian stadiums though. Pre/half time snack of choice here is a chargrilled corn on the cob.