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Double pie, double mash and plenty of liquor.
Side bowl of jellied eels.
Yum yum
Liquor? No thanks. Looks like snot.

Used to get fantastic Roll Mops from the fresh fish stall in Catford (with chillies inside). Can't get decent ones nowadays. Tried a few places near me but they had some sweet muck in. Given up.

Also used to get Arbroath Smokies there too. Not seen any for years now.
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Liquor? No thanks. Looks like snot.
Parsley sauce usually. I quite like it and is probably the only unusual item sold in those shops, if you don't like jellied eels (admittedly yuk).

So easy to buy a meat pie at any bakers and warm it up, and how can you make mash taste any different to home made, which also takes minimum effort?