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Other Clubs News Discussion Thread 2


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Why does there have to be drink breaks? It's hardly that warm in Newcastle this evening.

Surely it should depend on the weather.
No wonder many of the games are 0-0 at half time, it’s a tactical fest. Only if it’s over 30 degrees should there be a drinks break and even that for me, is soft. Terrible decision to change the rules including 5 subs, especially when the likes of Chelsea have a bench who could beat our starting XI, it’s a farce to change the rules - everything should be equal for 38 games.


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Sporting Integrity Dan - sporting integrity.

That's why no one is talking about players who returned to fitness who otherwise would been sidelined for over half these games!


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On par on that, but despite Grealish's consistency element....Foden needs to prove he's not a one season wonder - which Jack already has for me.

Certainly a bloody talent though if he keeps himself grounded. I know JG is a different type of player, but the way Foden was playing actually reminded me of Gazza in his plomp in many ways.

He just lacks the physicality at the moment.


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At Wembley in the flesh I was blown away by his performance. What a talent.

Personally, I think he’s better than Jack :throw:
He looks that way, especially when you factor in age difference. Foden at 24 will be a lot better than Grealish at this rate. The only barrier at this stage is himself. He could go the big time Charlie route and ruin his career.