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Other Clubs News Discussion Thread 2


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and not missing Smith
Fulford mate again, it's Brentford.

They only missed Warburton because Dijkhuizen was appointed. They missed neither when Carsley was appointed, just as they didn't miss anyone when Smith was appointed.

Their system is spot on - it's not about the individual. Dare say, unless they make a Dijkhuizen appointment after Frank, they won't miss him either.


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To be fair, they probably improved under Smith. Not too difficult.
They improved under Smith, and they've improved since. It's not a personality it's the process they have nailed. And like it or not, Smith lost a lot of first teamers before he moved to us and he had them challenging for the PO's, Frank had that crowd and already had the second wave coming through that has come to the fore this year and it's clicked - no doubt helped by the fact they didn't have to sell more because they had compo in the bank.

I repeat - this is the process we need to follow.
The Wigan things seems really strange

The club was bought 4 weeks ago for £17 million plus a £24 million debt was paid as well , so why would someone shell out £41 million and then put the club into administration ?