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Other Clubs News Discussion Thread 2

JP Healy

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agree mate and i'm not sure about Sancho for $75m !? as for verane he looked like a donkey at the Euros , i think they are panic buying like we all did for bog rolls a year ago
Of course Football is all about opinions but from what I've seen of Sancho, it's a no from me. I'm the one who said Peter Withe was a big mistake and Nigel Callaghan was a top signing.


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odd really despite giving the impression of being a shambles they actually had the 3rd best defence last season (behind only city and chelsea)
I think this is where you can't just look at one stat and come to a conclusion. Look at clean sheets, Emi is 3rd with 15, Leno only has 11 so he's jointed 5th with 4 or 5 other keepers.

When we conceded a goal we averaged conceding more per game than Arsenal would have. However, they conceded in more games than us meaning that made it much more difficult for them to win.

Sort of like looking at our 55 goals scored vs. theirs, 7 of our goals came in one game. Or when we look at a striker and see they score in 2s and 3s, score in games that are already won and go on long droughts. That's Werner.

I think when you look at stats that way they're more useful.